The Elephant Necklace


Hey guys! Today I’m going to write about an amazing company called ‘ The Elephant Necklace ‘ I fell in love with love when they followed me on instagram and I started to look more into their stuff and what the company is all about since elephants are the absolute love of my life. I’m all for saving the elephants and wearing cute things that symbolize saving them. A little goes a long way in my book and I love getting stuff out of it in return. So while I rock these necklaces I received I can feel good that 10% of my purchases go directly to , there’s just something about it that I love and I want to do everything I possibly can to save the elephants. In this picture I am wearing the strength elephant necklace where it is known to bring inner strength to those who wear it. It symbolizes strength, stability, and wisdom.  I am going to look more into getting involved with not only these companies that donate to and plenty of other elephant charities but the charities themselves. While I get on all of these things I would love for you guys to check out their website which is linked when you click the elephant below this post and if you like what you see and want a pretty awesome deal. Make sure to use the code ‘ Kati25’ at the checkout for 25% off your order and free shipping! I am honored to be an ambassador for this lovely company. I feel the love every single day from them and hope to share it with all of you.

xx, Katilyn


400 Writing Prompts

I love to read and write, both have always been great passions of mine. For years I’ve been practicing my writing and trying to find my foot in the door on what I am most comfortable writing about and if there was anyway for me to get better in certain genres. I stumbled across this book about a month ago and I enjoy it so much. If you do not know what it is, I will tell you briefly. It gives you 400 different writing prompts and below the prompts are lines that you write on. I would love to get every single one of these writing prompts eventually. Right now I just have the 400 one considering how fast they are all selling out once people come across them. Below I am going to give you some examples and my responses to these prompts that I have finished so far.

1) While at the beach you decide to write a message in the bottle. What would it say? Who would you like to find it?
I would put my favorite quote in it and the meaning I took from it personally. Which is,” So we beat on like boats against the current,” from The Great Gatsby. The meaning  I took from it was that life goes on no matter how many setbacks get in the way. The waves may get big but we’ll still make it out okay. I don’t have a certain person that I would like to have find this message in the bottle, however I do wish that whoever does end up getting it has some sort of takeaway from it and decides to add their personal touch and send it back on it’s way.

2) In what way are you a trendsetter in your social circle?
I don’t set trends nor do I follow them even in my social circle. I just do what I want and try to stay positive all the time when things get tough. I try to stay real to myself as well as to other who I talk and hang out with, so if someone takes something from it then so be it. I’m not there to have someone follow anything that I do,I’d like to have my friends be their own kind of different.

3) Name a fictional character or monster you would love to have as a friend. Why do you think they would be a good friend to you?
ADRIAN IVASHKOV! I’d love to have him as a friend cause I feel like our sense of humor and they way we view the world and the people in it the same way. I think we’d be able to help each other grow and heal.

4) Talk about your favorite pair of shoes and why you love them so much.
My favorite pair of shoes are my American Eagle wedges, I’ve had them about 2 or 3 years now and they don’t have any signs of being ruined anytime soon. Plus they go with so many outfits and are really cute.

5) What gives you the most inner peace?
When I realize that not every situation needs a reaction like most people feel like it does. When things happen and people try to argue I usually just walk away cause I don’t need anyone to try and ruin my happiness. I’m at peace the most when I let it all go and move on with my life instead of reacting to the situation.

There’s plenty more that I have finished and even more for me to finish. These have just been my top 5 so far that I have completed. The rest were sort of small ones that my response was only 1 or 2 lines or a simple answer. I really can’t wait to see the rest of this book and finish it eventually. I advise everyone that if you love to write, pick up one of these books and you will enjoy it. Not to mention it helps you get through writers block by getting your mind working and focusing on whatever it is your writing.

xx, Katilyn

Matrix Biolage Is AMAZING!!

I have found a new hair mask that was recommended to me by a hair stylist. I was getting my layers and a face frame since my layers that were put in about two weeks ago were pretty badly done. After using a few different types of hair masks and loving them at first and all of a sudden they’d just stop working. But today I woke up after using this new hair mask at about 11 o’clock last night and my hair still smells amazing, it’s still VERY VERY soft. Brushing my hair wasn’t as bad as it usually is in the morning. So this mask that I’m about to show you is hands down a 10/10.


As you can see this mask is for dry hair and boy did my hair need the loving that it got from this mask. I’m in love.

It says to use this mask after hydrasource shampoo, which is amazing in it’s own by the way. You’re supposed to leave this in for 1-3 minutes but the lady who recommended this hair mask said that she loves to walk around with it on for about an hour or so and gave me a few caps to put on so that way my hair isn’t all over the place so I do recommend getting one since this does not come with them. So I put this hair mask on after I got out of the shower and watched a favorite show of mine before taking it out. She said to apply heat from a hair dryer for added effect but I did not do that cause I didn’t want to risk any heat damage at the moment.

Reading the reviews on this product from multiple sites is breath taking about how much it has helped people and how much they love it. You can get it at , it may be a little bit pricey at $17 but this picture does not do the size of this thing justice. And you don’t need to use that much of it in your hair so it will last a while.  I love you so very much matrix biolage hydrasource and look forward to trying out more of your products once I get to ulta beauty.

xx, Katilyn

20 Things I’ve Learned Over The Past 20 Years

April 27th was my birthday, my 20th at that. Which means it’s time to share 20 things I’ve learned over the past 20 years. While I’ve certainly learned way more than just 20 things in the past year alone these are just ones that I believe will help me get through my 20’s.

One– I learned not to let people walk all over me and get away with it. This is something I let happen for so long and it has made me so much stronger now that I closed the door on that one. I look forward to my 20’s if presented with the strength given to me.

Two– If I want to lose weight, I learned should do it for me and not for someone else. If someone doesn’t like my appearance that is on them and not me. I am taking my time and losing weight the healthiest way for me, I’m getting further with it now that it’s just solely being done for me and not because of what someone has said.

Three–  I can wait to lose my virginity until I feel comfortable enough with someone else to lose it. I’ve heard so many times from a lot of my friends that I should just ” get rid of my virginity already ” and even have a few of them offer. I used to get embarrassed while talking about still being a virgin but now I sort of embrace it because it’s my decision and not someone else’s on when I should lose it. I wanted to wait until marriage or until I find someone worth losing it too.

Four– It’s alright to end friendships that I feel are no longer good for me even if it’s abruptly. I am old enough to know better what is and isn’t good for me so if I feel someone is no longer making me feel comfortable to be around than it’s alright for me to get up and leave the situation.

Five– Writing is something that always helped me escape what is happening all around me. I was able to turn all the negatives into stuff that I hoped people would read someday. I have so many rough drafts of stories that I can’t wait to share with people. But my favorite kind of writing is when it’s personal and I am able to share it all on this blog whenever I get the chance to.

Six– While still being on the subject of my writing as well as thinking of my other crafts but I started to not care what people thought of my craft just as long as I like it and believe in whatever meaning that may be behind it.

Seven– Just because it isn’t a current trend, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy what I wear. Or what I do with my life. If I think that it’s cute and if it fits my personal style than that is more than enough for me.

Eight– Acne doesn’t define who I am, while it’s something I’ve struggled with it’s not me. If someone doesn’t like the way I look that’s on them and not me. I’m working at a comfortable pace for me and my skin to get a hold and fight against acne. I’ve tried so many things and different products from prescription to over the counter.

Nine– I shouldn’t just trust everyone right off the bat. I should let people earn it and keep it going because it all shouldn’t fall into my hands. But I definitely shouldn’t let all the work fall into their hands either. I have to earn and keep respect too.

Ten– Like I’ve said in one of my very first blog posts, things happen at different paces. Just because someone tells you that if you don’t leave a certain place by the time you are 25, there’s a 90% chance that you won’t ever leave. None of what they say has to be true.

Eleven– Just because you are torn between two different life paths and having a hard time doesn’t mean that you won’t ever find what it is that you want to do with your life.

 Twelve– Just because I’m usually quiet that doesn’t mean that when I do talk I should be ignored.Some of the things I wish to tell people to take me way longer to decide whether you’re the right person to tell or if you will just judge me for what I say the second I open my mouth.

Thirteen– Being strange and liking strange things is perfectly okay, no matter what anyone else has to say.

Fourteen– Being liked by everyone is totally overrated. I used to sit and think why doesn’t this person like me and I tried to make everything okay. Nothing needs to be okay between us at all times or at all and I don’t need to fix everything.  Broken things are better anyways.

Fifteen– It’s okay to be picky about who  I have in my life and who I wish to be surrounded by.  Just because you’re friend likes to be around someone doesn’t mean you have to be. Some people have certain types of people they feel comfortable around. But absolutely none of this gets between me being there for anyone, some people may come around and surprise you.

 Sixteen– You don’t always have to be in a relationship in order to be happy. You should never rush into anything. Relationships are meant for people who like each other and want to see where things are going for them and if they’d work out. It’s not meant for people who just want to have someone in their company at all times.

    Seventeen– Traveling is a hidden gem and you should do it as much as you can. I have gotten the best memories I can ever have in the past 3 years since I began to go to away hockey games with my friends. Not to mention that seeing these places and meeting new people from them is an amazing feeling.

Eighteen– It’s okay to love and check social media considering how it plays a big part in today’s world but unplugging every once in awhile isn’t that bad of an idea and it’s actually relaxing.

Nineteen– Reading is amazing and just because some people don’t like it and say people that read are boring doesn’t mean you should stop it. Reading is a hidden treasure that let’s you let loose and escape for a little while.

Twenty– It’s okay to work on yourself and put yourself first. Before you try and help others.

Day/Night Skin Care Routine

For years I’ve struggled with acne ( even some cystic here and there) and it always put a damper on my confidence. I just wanted it gone and I’ve tried everything that I could from over the counter remedies, home remedies, and going to a dermatologist and ended up being allergic to one of the main ingredients in a medicine that was actually working so I had to stop it. My skin is sensitive enough and I didn’t want to go over board with facial products and I’ve always tried to use less products. I got a better make up brand to use that helped my skin breathe a little better and now I’m going to tell you guys my routine and also what I use whenever I get a cystic pimple.

My day time routine and night time routine are the same thing just during the night you take out one thing before you go to bed. For this routine all you need is,

  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub – Blemish Control   // Cheaper – Equate Beauty Blemish Control also Apricot it says compare to St.Ives on it
  • All day moisturizing lotion ( I have equate ) compares to olay complete all day moisture lotion
  • Baby Wash Cloth

​Every morning how I do this is I wet my face and put the cetaphil gentle cleanser on I do not wash it off right away instead I put the apricot scrub over the cetaphil and gently rub it on my face. Each time you don’t need to use that much and both stuff actually lasts awhile a little goes a long way. And just rinse it off with warm water, when you dry your face off use a baby wash cloth instead of using a regular wash cloth or towel cause they will only irritate your skin. Believe me when I say using a baby wash cloth on your face over a regular wash cloth/towel makes a big difference. And with the morning routine use your all day moisturizing lotion you can use this at night as well if you want I personally don’t like too.

I found that this routine has done a lot more for me over the few short months I’ve been doing it over everything else I’ve tried. The results have made me feel more comfortable in my skin. Now onto the cystic acne I usually get it around that time of the month and it’s very painful. I found this thing called oxy and all you do is put it on the pimple and it may take a few hours or a day but it takes it down and it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever used.

So there you go that is my current skin care routine I will let you guys know if I make any changes what so ever to this routine but if you guys decide to try this routine out let me know how it works for you.

XX, Katilyn

Katilyn In The Middle

My first post on an actual blog that I’m going to share with anyone who stumbles across it. I first tried out my writing on a different blog site but everything on that site was just confusing and I needed something easier to start myself out with and get use to. I want to start out by saying that I absolutely love to read and write,so for years I’ve wanted to find a place where I can start that and find enough confidence to do so. I hope you guys enjoy this blog and my journey that I share as much as I’ll enjoy writing every moment of it.