20 Things I’ve Learned Over The Past 20 Years

April 27th was my birthday, my 20th at that. Which means it’s time to share 20 things I’ve learned over the past 20 years. While I’ve certainly learned way more than just 20 things in the past year alone these are just ones that I believe will help me get through my 20’s.

One– I learned not to let people walk all over me and get away with it. This is something I let happen for so long and it has made me so much stronger now that I closed the door on that one. I look forward to my 20’s if presented with the strength given to me.

Two– If I want to lose weight, I learned should do it for me and not for someone else. If someone doesn’t like my appearance that is on them and not me. I am taking my time and losing weight the healthiest way for me, I’m getting further with it now that it’s just solely being done for me and not because of what someone has said.

Three–  I can wait to lose my virginity until I feel comfortable enough with someone else to lose it. I’ve heard so many times from a lot of my friends that I should just ” get rid of my virginity already ” and even have a few of them offer. I used to get embarrassed while talking about still being a virgin but now I sort of embrace it because it’s my decision and not someone else’s on when I should lose it. I wanted to wait until marriage or until I find someone worth losing it too.

Four– It’s alright to end friendships that I feel are no longer good for me even if it’s abruptly. I am old enough to know better what is and isn’t good for me so if I feel someone is no longer making me feel comfortable to be around than it’s alright for me to get up and leave the situation.

Five– Writing is something that always helped me escape what is happening all around me. I was able to turn all the negatives into stuff that I hoped people would read someday. I have so many rough drafts of stories that I can’t wait to share with people. But my favorite kind of writing is when it’s personal and I am able to share it all on this blog whenever I get the chance to.

Six– While still being on the subject of my writing as well as thinking of my other crafts but I started to not care what people thought of my craft just as long as I like it and believe in whatever meaning that may be behind it.

Seven– Just because it isn’t a current trend, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy what I wear. Or what I do with my life. If I think that it’s cute and if it fits my personal style than that is more than enough for me.

Eight– Acne doesn’t define who I am, while it’s something I’ve struggled with it’s not me. If someone doesn’t like the way I look that’s on them and not me. I’m working at a comfortable pace for me and my skin to get a hold and fight against acne. I’ve tried so many things and different products from prescription to over the counter.

Nine– I shouldn’t just trust everyone right off the bat. I should let people earn it and keep it going because it all shouldn’t fall into my hands. But I definitely shouldn’t let all the work fall into their hands either. I have to earn and keep respect too.

Ten– Like I’ve said in one of my very first blog posts, things happen at different paces. Just because someone tells you that if you don’t leave a certain place by the time you are 25, there’s a 90% chance that you won’t ever leave. None of what they say has to be true.

Eleven– Just because you are torn between two different life paths and having a hard time doesn’t mean that you won’t ever find what it is that you want to do with your life.

 Twelve– Just because I’m usually quiet that doesn’t mean that when I do talk I should be ignored.Some of the things I wish to tell people to take me way longer to decide whether you’re the right person to tell or if you will just judge me for what I say the second I open my mouth.

Thirteen– Being strange and liking strange things is perfectly okay, no matter what anyone else has to say.

Fourteen– Being liked by everyone is totally overrated. I used to sit and think why doesn’t this person like me and I tried to make everything okay. Nothing needs to be okay between us at all times or at all and I don’t need to fix everything.  Broken things are better anyways.

Fifteen– It’s okay to be picky about who  I have in my life and who I wish to be surrounded by.  Just because you’re friend likes to be around someone doesn’t mean you have to be. Some people have certain types of people they feel comfortable around. But absolutely none of this gets between me being there for anyone, some people may come around and surprise you.

 Sixteen– You don’t always have to be in a relationship in order to be happy. You should never rush into anything. Relationships are meant for people who like each other and want to see where things are going for them and if they’d work out. It’s not meant for people who just want to have someone in their company at all times.

    Seventeen– Traveling is a hidden gem and you should do it as much as you can. I have gotten the best memories I can ever have in the past 3 years since I began to go to away hockey games with my friends. Not to mention that seeing these places and meeting new people from them is an amazing feeling.

Eighteen– It’s okay to love and check social media considering how it plays a big part in today’s world but unplugging every once in awhile isn’t that bad of an idea and it’s actually relaxing.

Nineteen– Reading is amazing and just because some people don’t like it and say people that read are boring doesn’t mean you should stop it. Reading is a hidden treasure that let’s you let loose and escape for a little while.

Twenty– It’s okay to work on yourself and put yourself first. Before you try and help others.

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