Freeman Beauty Renewing Cucumber Peel Off Face Mask

Hey guys! Today I’m going to tell you about Freeman Beauty’s renewing cucumber peel off face mask. I have to say that this is my all favorite drugstore face mask. I have been using it for a couple of years now.


They come in little packets like this one of a tube that has 6 fl oz. I wasn’t able to find the tube sadly they sold out. But I will be on the lookout.  I also would like to branch out and try out the other masks they have especially the new ones.


A little goes a long way and it doesn’t have to be on as thick. What it’ll do is harden over a period of time, I want to say 10-15 mins but depending on how much you put on it can be longer. I have it on in the picture which is why my face looks very shiny. After it hardens all you have to do is peel it off.


What I like most about this mask is that it takes off whatever is left on your skin. You may think you took off all of your makeup and you’d use this mask and realize that you didn’t. It’s really nice to use once or twice a week because the dead skin and everything else comes off with it.


You can notice the makeup, dead skin, and a few other things that this mask took off once I peeled it off. I’m in love with it and I really hope you guys decide to try it out soon, if you haven’t already that is. Comment down below whether you want to try it out( or not) or if you have tried it.

14-Day #RevitaliftChallenge ( Day 7)

Hi guys! I decided to take on L’oreals 14 Day Revitalift Challenge and I’m so excited. I was able to snag a 14 day free sample before they sold out from their website and I’m going to tell you guys how my skin has felt and looked throughout the first 7 days of this challenge. First I’m going to show you guys a picture of what my skin looked like before I started this challenge, at the very end of this I’m going to show you what my skin looked like on Day 7.


Day 1 ( 11/18)

AM: It says to use this AM and PM so I am going to immediately do this as I just got it in the mail around 10 am. As I mentioned before I am looking for a new moisturizer. First thing I noticed with this product is it smells really good and a little definitely goes a long way. My skin has sort of an oily feel to it and the second I put it on, that feeling went away. I’m going to go about my normal day and see how long this feeling lasts on my skin.

PM: I noticed that sometime during the day after I got home and washed my face clean of any makeup I had on that my face was a tiny bit oily. Not as much as it usually would be though which is a good feeling and once again it was all immediately taken away the second I put it on. I’m hoping to see a difference in the morning with my skin to see how fast this product works.

Day 2 ( 11/19)

AM: I noticed that it irritated my nose area a little bit but that was because I had dry skin in that area. Thankfully that went away and I didn’t feel no more irritation around the area. My face wasn’t as oily this morning as it was before I used this product so far so good.

PM: I didn’t really have any make up on tonight considering I didn’t have anywhere major to go so I didn’t have to wear any. So by the time it came down to putting the moisturizer on my skin felt really good and I’m really excited cause I’m starting to really like this product and the way it makes my skin feel in the morning.

Day 3 (11/20)

AM: I’m on the almost half way point of the first week of the 14-Day challenge. While my skin did feel better from last night, it certainly wasn’t the absolute greatest feeling. Still a little oily but I am impressed with how under control it has been. I’m excited to see how this continues to feel throughout the day.

PM: I’m starting to feel a difference with the way my skin looks and feel. My skin feels a lot better than it usually would. It’s not too harsh on my skin which is another great thing.

Day 4 ( 11/21)

AM: Today I woke up and my skin just felt and looked better than the day before. It seemed to have a lot more hydration than normal. My skin also looks a little bit more clearer. I’m obsessed with the way my skin is looking and feeling today.

PM: After all the makeup my face went through today, I was surprised to see my skin wasn’t all that bad once I took it all off. So it was pretty nice to just be able to put the moisturizer on and let my face breathe for the rest of the night.

Day 5 (11/22)

AM: All I can really say is wow. This is the best my skin has felt in the morning in a long time. The way it is currently hydrated and smooth is amazing.

PM: My skin continued to feel amazing all throughout the day and at night as well.

Day 6 ( 11/23)

AM: My skin didn’t feel that great this morning and I’m not sure why. It’s not as bad like when I started.  Maybe I didn’t get all my make up off last night. I’m hoping to get back on track later on with how my skin feels when it comes to put it on at night.

PM: My face definitely felt a lot better tonight than it was in the morning. I’m sure it was over not getting all my makeup off when  I got home last night.

Day 7 ( 11/24) 

AM: My skin felt better and smoother once again thankfully. It restored a lot of the hydration that I lost from not taking all of my makeup off the other day. I didn’t even realize how much hydration my skin was missing before I started this challenge to be honest.

PM: I can’t believe week 1 is finished ( actual halfway point) My skin feels the best it felt in a very long time and I’m excited to do the final 7 days.

Here’s a picture of how my skin looked after the first 7 days.


I know you can’t really tell much but I myself feel and see a difference. I highly recommend that you guys try this challenge, it is totally worth it. I’m going to give you guys an update once I finish the full 14 days as well as provide my final thoughts on this product and whether or not I’ll actually buy the full sized product once I’m finished.

If you guys have tried this product before, what did you guys think of it? Comment down below. 🙂

Supernatural Monster Guide Eyeshadow Palette Review/Swatches

I’m super excited to finally have a Supernatural Palette in my hands. I missed the opportunity for the last one and have not been able to find it anywhere. So when I took a trip to Hot Topic and seen the new palettes just brought out, I couldn’t help but get one.


It’s called Supernatural Join The Hunt Monster Guide Eyeshadow Palette,it’s priced at $14.90.It features 13 shades of eyeshadows. Inside it comes with a cute eyeshadow brush. When you open the palette it has a mirror and on the mirror it has a quote that says,” Vampires, we kill the ones that sparkle for free.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first picture features the shades Jefferson Starships, Vampire, Vetala, and Dragons.

The second picture features the shades Rugaru, Crowley, Skinwalker, and Ghouls.

The third picture features the shades Phoenix, DJinn, Werewolf, and Lucifer.

The fourth picture features Werewolf (again), Lucifer ( again), and Abandon.


From top to bottom the colors featured in this are Skinwalker, Crowley, Rugaru, Dragons, Vetala, Vampire, and Jefferson Starships.

Shimmer/Glitter Shades featured: Rugaru and Dragons

Solid Shades featured: Skinwalker, Crowley, Vampire, and Jefferson Starships

They all took pretty well although the glittery/shimmer colors which were Vetala and Dragons were the best swatch out of all of them. You can’t really see the shade Rugaru but it’s a very light which can be used as a good base color. I wouldn’t really use the shades like Skinwalker or Vampire. Jefferson Starships was the worst one out of this whole palette. It just did not want to swatch well at all for me and it’s on the darker side of the palette.


Now this is my absolute favorite side of the palette and I’ll use pretty much all of these shades. From top to bottom the shades featured are Abandon, Lucifer, Werewolf, Djinn, Phoenix, and Ghouls.

Shimmer/Glitter Shades featured: Ghouls, Phoenix, and Djinn.

Solid Shades featured: Werewolf, Lucifer, and Abandon.

These ones are my absolute favorites, they all are really good swatches and the colors are beautiful. I can see myself using all of these shades first before I use any of the other ones in the palette.

So far after all of the swatches there isn’t that much residue and the palette is still very clean. Than again after it starts to get all over I like to clean my makeup if they come in palettes or anything like them every so often just so they aren’t mixing in with each other.

I’m excited to start using eyeshadows a lot more and I think using a palette that features my all time favorite show is a way to get me moving on learning how to blend them in and which ones work better for me. I still can’t believe I was able to get my hands on this palette the same day it came into the store by my house.

Do any of you like the show Supernatural? If so whose your favorite character? Have you gotten this eyeshadow palette yet, if so what’s your favorite shade? Will you be willing to get this eyeshadow palette? I wrote this in advance( finally) so when you guys read this it’ll be Thanksgiving and I’ll be spending time with my family. I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day.

* Book Review* This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp

For years I was obsessed with crime shows, ones that were unsolved or ones that drove people to do things normal people usually wouldn’t do. I was recommended by a few different people on a few different occasions since this book hit the shelves early last year. On Thursday of last week I finally decided it was time to get it and read it. I also haven’t been able to write a book review for you guys in a little while, so I felt the need to get one out.

I’m glad it didn’t take me a few chapters to get hooked, while I’m not sure if it was anticipation that got me excited or if the book itself was just that good. I don’t want to say too much cause it could just about give away the whole book and what happens. So I’m trying to be very careful with what I’m picking out for you guys to get a taste of the book.

With each and every page I find myself wanting to read more. I don’t want it to end but as my right side of the book gets smaller I know it’s bound to happen sooner rather than later. ‘ This Is Where It Ends,’ is 282 pages of heart wrenching words.

On page 49 there is a certain paragraph that spoke something. Actually there is a few that I would like to share my thoughts on.



I feel like every time this stuff happens, there is always the people there or the media to pick out a hero. I feel like this sort of offers an explanation as to why. Actually the whole book offers some explanation as to why certain things happen and how the victims feel in the slightest bit. And when everyone is right there in the auditorium they were worried about themselves and each other. I feel like people pick out a hero to take away the attention from the person who commits the act in cold blood cause they don’t need to be talked about. Sadly we all want to know the aftermath and more than half the time we just want to know why the person did what they did.

Now onto pages #109-110, the paragraph started on page 109 and it ended at the top of 110.


Screenshot (74)

I don’t have much to say about this. I just feel like this should be shared because it’s how everyone feels about the victims in these situations, as you should. They all would have been something amazing.

I tried to make note of not giving away what happens to characters, because I truly believe that you guys should read this book on your own. Or if you have already, I want to talk about it some more in the comments. But before I end this I have 2 more paragraphs I would like to share with you guys.

On page #205



I love when people are able to incorporate the book/movie title in the book/movie itself. Not to mention this is one of the most heart wrenching chapters this book has to offer.

Page #234


Screenshot (76)

This quote is just really sweet and made me smile. It’s a very cute moment in the middle of all the heart wrenching stuff.

With this I present the end. I hope you guys decide to read this and if you do please let me know. Or if you have read this book, what do you think of it? Comment down below and thank you guys so much for reading!

Garnier Fructis Thickening Lotion


Hey guys! I’m excited to talk about this product today. I don’t think it’s on the shelves anymore, if it is I haven’t seen it in a few years. But it is still available on their website which is great. My hair is usually a struggle, it’s so baby thin but it’s also very wavy and curls up at times. Even when it looks like my hair has a lot of volume it’s usually just frizzed out to the point of no return.

I have been using this product for about 2 years now I want to say it could be more but I don’t remember. At the time I got this product, it said NEW! full and plush followed by the mega full thickening lotion. I still have the original bottle because I don’t use it as much but now that I actually now how to use it and when to use it that will change.

After I shower I go about putting my pantene frizz fixing serum. I brush it out and wait for it to air dry a little bit before I spray this product into my hair and sort of run my fingers through my hair as I go, afterwards you can either let it air dry the rest of the way or use a blow dryer. I like to use my blow dryer for this part cause it usually gives it more volume, less frizz and I can feel my hair notably thicker even though it isn’t.

This product doesn’t have a sticky feeling either which is great and it smells great which is a major plus.

I know I don’t really tell you guys much about the products and how they work in my hair I just give little sneak peeks and talk about it. I promise that I’m working on setting up the camera so that I can take better higher quality pictures so I can show you guys pictures as I go about telling you guys about the product and I’m very excited for things to come.

Have you guys tried this product before? If so, did it work for you? What’s your favorite product to make your hair have more volume with less frizz? Is there a certain product you like to use to make your hair look and feel thicker? As always comment down below if you mentally answered any of these questions, I’d love to hear about them and continue the conversation!

Mystery Blogger Award- KatilynInTheMiddle


Hey everyone, yes! * claps* I’m sorry if you get that, you’re my new best friend. I didn’t really know what was going on when I got this nomination from Hello Miss Marie.

But I’m really excited to be nominated to participate in this, and you guys should really check out Hello Miss Marie, and everyone nominated! The mystery blogger award was originally created by Okoto Enigma. I really like the idea behind this and I can’t wait to get more into this and go through others that have been nominated before me and after me.

Now to get started here’s how it works:

  • Put the award logo on your post.
  • Make sure you thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to them as well
  • Tell your followers 3 things they don’t know about you
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify them by commenting on their blog
  • Ask whoever you may nominate any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird/funny question
  • Share a link to your best posts

Now I don’t know if there was a specific logo I needed to put but so far I’ve seen all kinds of different ones and I didn’t want to take anyones original logo that they made for this so I decided to create my own.

3 Things About Me 

Now I originally did something like this on my birthday in my notebook but it was about things I learned about myself and life, before deciding to create a blog and share it with the world. So as a little get to know me, you can find that here.

But I don’t think I’ve ever set aside a post where I just talked about personal things about me. So here it goes

  1. I have the most amazingly supportive family anyone could ever imagine that’s made up of my mom,my grandpa, my grandma, and my older sister. My older sister is honestly my best friend and we do everything together ( you’ll most likely see her throughout my blog in pictures and on my instagram)
  2. I spend pretty much more than half my time going to the hockey rink. I love to watch it and take pictures ( I’ll share some of them soon as I travel to go to some away games as well)
  3. My favorite place in the whole world is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s all over my instagram when I visited there, and I even wrote a few posts on my blog that included the pictures I took while I was there.


Hello Miss Marie’s Questions

1. What do you do besides blogging?Job/Student

I currently am looking for a new job, and just quit school( I was going to become an esthetician) because I didn’t feel like I was in the right place and my teacher was just very mean and I just wasn’t able to deal with it anymore. I’m looking to focus more on writing and plan on taking creative writing classes very soon.

2. What blog post are you most proud of and why?

It’s a bit of a shock as when I got more personal on my blog about things that I went through and learned not a lot of people cared for it but when I talked about a failed friendship turned relationship in this post called ‘ The Other Side Of Friendship ‘ that was the one I was most proud of because I never really liked to talk about the situation since it happened. It was also the moment I had a big realization on who I was and who was a true friend of mine. As I struggled with not wanting to ever loose a friend so I just did whatever they wanted me to do and made sure to try and not get on their bad side in hopes they’d stay my friend. I learned that it’s not up to me to make sure I’m keeping everyone in my life happy, cause I’d find myself being unhappy that I went against who I was and what makes me happy just because I wanted them to be okay. I have another post coming out soon about another personal aspect of my life. Which I’m so excited for because in light of today’s events I feel it’s important to share my experiences.

3. What is your biggest dream?

Oh gosh, I have so many dreams that I feel like are out there. But one thing that has never changed is that I have always dreamed of publishing a book. I’m not sure if I want to do a poem styled book or a horror story. I’m leaning more towards horror but I feel like once I’m able to word things into a poem I’d like to do something with that as well.

4. What is your favorite book or movie?

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, hands down is my favorite book.

5. Where/When do you like to work on your blog?

I love to work on my blog in my bedroom, more than half the time with my dog by me. I don’t really have a when, I just do it whenever I feel an urge to write ( which is a lot).. I make sure to post every Tuesday and Thursday on here! But just because people only see 2 posts a week, it doesn’t mean I don’t have things I write about in my notebook, in hopes of sharing them on my blog soon.

6. ( bonus question) What is the most embarrassing moment you are willing to admit to?

I have a lot of embarrassing moments, that I can create a whole book about. But I’d have to say the moment my sister called me ‘ red,white,and blue.’  I know what everyone is thinking, “how is that embarrassing?” Well I’ll tell you the story. It ironically had to be the 4th of July when I got my first period. I wore blue underwear and white shorts ( no you couldn’t see through them) and you can guess what the red was. I was just sitting with all of my friends when I stood up and my sister decided to announce out loud to everyone at the party that I had gotten my period for the first time and she kept joking around chanting,’ red,white,and blue!’ I was horrified.

I shared I believe 2 posts that I love, and I’m not going to force anyone to read. But I would like to thank Hello Miss Marie once again for the nomination and now onto the people that I nominated.

  1. CharlieStarBlogs 
  2. DarlingInScarlet
  3. MollieWestHead
  4. lmastr0819
  5. Brooke Broehl
  6. Her Unusual Journey
  7. Life With Gabs
  8. Makeup By Tigerlily
  9. Bookmarks & Bronzer
  10. Overcast

My questions for you guys are.

1. Do you feel the need to follow blog trends? If so, how do you keep up with them?
2. How do you stay motivated to write your posts?
3. What do you feel is the hardest thing about blogging?
4. What are your top 3 favorite beauty products?
5. What is your favorite book turned movie?

Bonus Silly Question:

6. If you would like to share, what is the funniest thing to happen to you in public?

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color – 200 Pink thoughts


I was so excited to try this product and I just wanted to do my tips and since it didn’t last long I figured it would be perfect for the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month. My hair is a very light blonde and the minute you open it the tabs tell you to make sure you have light blonde or bleached blonde hair for a visible result, therefore it should work on my hair,right? Wrong.

I made sure to wash and dry my hair as the directions asked and than I took the gloves provided and just did the tips of my hair. I left it on for the 30 minutes as directed and washed it out. It did not take well to my hair at all. In fact it didn’t even show up. To say I was sad was an understatement.

I tried again about a week in a half later after I took my purple shampoo to my hair to make sure all the brassiness was out of my hair and for no reason why it shouldn’t take on my hair. I did all of the steps again and made sure it was really saturated this time. I was able to see it faintly but my the next time I washed my hair it was completely gone.

I seen it work on so many other people and I was still a fan of this even though it didn’t take on my hair at all. So if you want to try it, I encourage you to do so. There is a few other different colors you can pick from and they also have it for brunettes and there is also a clear mixer so that way you can create custom pastel tones which I think is something I might try eventually. I finally was able to find a good red color for my hair cause it was something I wanted so I’m going to enjoy this for most likely a long while.

I contacted L’Oreal about how this product didn’t work for me even though I had light blonde hair and they sent me a coupon for $10 off a product which is a pretty great deal considering the product itself was about $10. So I want to say a quick thank you to their customer service who responded promptly and made me really proud to say it’s a company I love and stand by.

Have you guys ever tried this product?If so did it work for you? What color did you try? If you can send me pictures on Instagram , Twitter, or comment down below. You guys already know that I love to talk to you guys and I love continuing the conversations.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream


I have been trying to find another moisturizer that worked as well as L’oreal Paris Hydra Genuis  did. It was on the expensive side so I’ve been on the lookout for cheaper facial moisturizer. While this one was a bit more expensive than L’oreal Hydra Genius, and I was lucky enough to score a free sample of this. But I started to think that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if it was actually worth the amount. On Olay’s website it is currently going for $26.99 1.7 FL OZ  and $10.49 0.5 FL OZ 

On the website it says that this product is meant to

  • Hydrate the skin better than ten of the top creams 
  • Visible wrinkle results starts day 1
  • New formula with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Amino Peptide Complex ll, and Hyaluronic Acid is supposed to regenerate the surface cells to help take years off the skin age
  • It uses the word that almost everyone in beauty industry hates right now anti-aging. It’s supposed to have a moisturizing formula that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to improve elasticity and texture

Now I’m guessing this is a new product, at least it’s new to me. But for the past few months I’ve been seeing a lot of people stop using the words anti-aging for plenty different reasons so seeing that on a product now a days may do more harm than good. The words are all over this product. One good thing I do have to say is that they offer the same product but fragrance free which I think is really cool.

Now onto how I felt using this product. I was able to use it over the span of 3 days, a little certainly goes a long way with this product. It was sort of a thick cream so it spread further, if you don’t mind having the fragrance it actually smells really good. They didn’t have the samples in the fragrance free so I had no choice. It actually made my face feel very smooth and soft. I don’t have any wrinkles yet so I can’t really tell you guys how that worked out. But I can tell you guys that it’s been about 2 days since I’ve used this product and my face still feels very soft and smooth.

However, I’m still on the look out for the best moisturizer for my skin as the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is supposed to be used for a different reason. I feel the similarities between this one and the L’Oreal Hydra Genius Moisturizer but I have to go with L’Oreal Hydra Genius on this one. If you guys have any moisturizers that you like and think that I’d like, I’ll look into them and try the ones that I feel would be the best for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment suggestions down below or anything else related to moisturizers you may want to talk about. I’m always down to talk.

Cleaning Out My Closet


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know that I decided to clean out my closet over the weekend and I still have way more to go. I separated the ones that I don’t want, can’t fit in, and ones that I just don’t see myself wearing anymore. So I put some in boxes to be donated and the rest I wanted to try my hand in selling them. I looked through most of the sites and I figured the one I really want to use and in my opinion looked the best for my style, and that’s depop.

This isn’t my first time on a site/app that you can sell stuff on. But so far everything is so much better. If you want to know my experiences on the other sites, or if you want a list of sites that I believe are legit and can actually get you extra cash in your pocket. Please comment down below and I’ll do that!

But for now, if you guys would like to check out my shop, and follow me on depop click here. I’ll follow you back! Also if you know of any depop sellers that are you favorite, please comment them down below, I need more people to follow on there and actually would like to shop more on there.