Garnier Fructis Thickening Lotion


Hey guys! I’m excited to talk about this product today. I don’t think it’s on the shelves anymore, if it is I haven’t seen it in a few years. But it is still available on their website which is great. My hair is usually a struggle, it’s so baby thin but it’s also very wavy and curls up at times. Even when it looks like my hair has a lot of volume it’s usually just frizzed out to the point of no return.

I have been using this product for about 2 years now I want to say it could be more but I don’t remember. At the time I got this product, it said NEW! full and plush followed by the mega full thickening lotion. I still have the original bottle because I don’t use it as much but now that I actually now how to use it and when to use it that will change.

After I shower I go about putting my pantene frizz fixing serum. I brush it out and wait for it to air dry a little bit before I spray this product into my hair and sort of run my fingers through my hair as I go, afterwards you can either let it air dry the rest of the way or use a blow dryer. I like to use my blow dryer for this part cause it usually gives it more volume, less frizz and I can feel my hair notably thicker even though it isn’t.

This product doesn’t have a sticky feeling either which is great and it smells great which is a major plus.

I know I don’t really tell you guys much about the products and how they work in my hair I just give little sneak peeks and talk about it. I promise that I’m working on setting up the camera so that I can take better higher quality pictures so I can show you guys pictures as I go about telling you guys about the product and I’m very excited for things to come.

Have you guys tried this product before? If so, did it work for you? What’s your favorite product to make your hair have more volume with less frizz? Is there a certain product you like to use to make your hair look and feel thicker? As always comment down below if you mentally answered any of these questions, I’d love to hear about them and continue the conversation!

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