The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur ** Review**

GUYS! I’m so very excited to finally read Rupi Kaur’s new book. I really liked milk and honey and related to it on so many different levels. I’m not sure a lot of you guys enjoyed me breaking it up into what I liked from each chapter, so I decided to spare you guys a little bit and just want to share with you guys my favorite poems from the whole book. This one is broken up into 5 chapters! They are called wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming.

So I’m going to share with you guys my top 5 favorite poems from the book itself.

Before I share the poems with you guys I’d like to talk a little bit about the book itself,  I overall wasn’t that much of a fan, but that’s possibly because I prided myself on being able to relate to milk and honey in a lot of ways. A lot of the book is very heartfelt and you can just feel the hurt on every page. I can’t even begin to relate to it, but I can feel for those that went through the same thing as her. It should come with a trigger warning, but I guess that takes away from the pain cause no one gave them one.

Although most of it had something to do with something I can’t relate too, I still found some quotes that I did really like throughout it.

The first poem I liked was on page #39

Screenshot (80)

I’m sure we’ve all liked someone who didn’t like us back.We couldn’t help but think they would change their mind so we shut everyone else that can be a potential boyfriend down.

The second poem that I liked could be found on page #54

Screenshot (81)

Why must we think of things that have ended like we could have changed something about it? I find myself looking back on a bunch of things and the way they ended, in hopes that I could possibly change the outcome. Although everything is already said and done, with me never looking back on it.

On page #64 is where my next favorite can be found

Screenshot (82)

I feel like a lot of people look to other people and blame them for stuff they should have took the blame for themselves. It’s very rare people take the blame for their own actions and try to justify that someone did something to them first or they say that someone said something to them first instead of just owning it.

The next one I enjoyed was from #82

Screenshot (83)

I know I’m guilty of not taking the time to enjoy the place that I am in before I knock it down and say that it’s horrible. It’s not only just about certain places either, I noticed that I did it in life in general which I’m sure is where Rupi Kaur is getting at. I really do need to take the time out to enjoy life and the views both good and bad. I feel like once I do that I can learn to appreciate things a lot more.

The last one was from page #85

Screenshot (84)

I’ve always been an introvert which is another thing you guys most likely don’t know about me. I feel like people always seen that as a bad thing in my life and I’ve even been told my an ex boyfriend that I’m going to die alone because of it ( there was another reason behind that as well but we’d get into it another day)I trust very few people and let my true self fully show to those few. I don’t like big groups because I feel like there is way to much going on for me to handle so I prefer more intimate settings with those I do hang out with. I’m getting better at being in larger groups, but I still do feel very overwhelmed in situations where I’d much rather be alone doing something that genuinely makes me happy.

Well there you guys have it, I hope you enjoy it and that you learned a little more about me. I really like doing book reviews for you guys cause it shows you more of what I’m interested in as a person than just make up and other things beauty related. While I enjoy those, I feel like me writing book reviews you guys learn a lot more about me and my view points. We can open up a whole giant conversation based on anything which is great so please do so down in the comments whether you have read this book or not.I’d like to hear from you guys.



14-Day #RevitaliftChallenge ( Day 14)

Hey guys! I’m going to share with you guys my final 7 days of the Revitalift Challenge. As you guys know this is what my skin looked like after the first 7 days


So I’m excited to begin talking about this and showing you guys how my skin looks now that the 14 day challenge is finished.

Day 8 ( 11/25) 

AM: I noticed that my skin feels the best it has in a long time. It also looks clearer as well. I’m loving this product so much and this just may possibly be my favorite moisturizer I’ve used to date.

PM: I don’t want to stop using this product just yet. I’m loving the way everything is going with it so far. But I know it’s going to end very soon so it’s very upsetting. I am not sure if I’m going to continue using this product once it ends just yet. The oiliness hasn’t really came back as much as it did before which is a major plus.

Day 9 ( 11/26)

AM: I feel like it’s completely pointless for me to write the same things over and over again just know my skin continued to feel great into today.

PM: I decided to try and use one of my all time favorite face masks during the afternoon to see the difference in the upcoming final days. In the first 7 days I didn’t use any other products besides the Revitalift moisturizer. I have made a separate post talking about the face mask that I used. If you want to read that, click here. My face went on feeling and looking fine.

Day 10 ( 11/27)

AM: There wasn’t much to report on cause my skin felt great and I didn’t want to keep repeating myself over and over. I’m sure you guys don’t want to see the same stuff as well.

PM: I noticed that halfway through the day my skin started to get a bit oily around 5pm today. I’m hoping my skin isn’t going to pull a move on me and start going back to the way it was before I started using this product. It’s now 11pm and I just put the product on my face before heading off to bed. My skin feels smooth and not oily anymore, hopefully it’s still like that in the morning cause I’ll be very upset if this all of a sudden stops working the way I liked it.

Day 11 ( 11/28)

AM: So far my face is back to feeling good but not as good as it usually feels.

PM: My skin went back to taking the product fairly well.  There always seems to be one bad day every week when it comes to my skin.

Day 12 ( 11/29) 

AM/PM: My skin is back to feeling good. It is definitely getting more clearer and I noticed that everything is still very hydrated now.

Day 13 (11/30) 

AM: I was starting to believe that the reason my skin didn’t feel that great is because I used another product before I used this moisturizer but also after I used it my skin fell even better because it took off a lot of things. It seems to be starting to get hit and miss if my skin takes the product well or not.

PM: I looked forward to putting my moisturizer on pretty much all day with how much stuff my skin went through this week and I’m happy to say that at night it didn’t disappoint me.

Day 14 ( 12/1)

AM: I’m really sad this is my last day but I’m also excited. My skin has felt the same but it’s also once again dry by my nose, which isn’t a good skin. Usually when my skin starts to feel that way by my nose after a certain amount of time using products it means my skin is starting to get sensitive to the product I’m using.

PM: After the incident from this morning and with me only having one more use I decided to just go ahead and use it as I usually would. It did what it usually does and it made my skin feel great. However the dryness by my nose was still irritating.

This is how my skin looked on the final day of the challenge.



I don’t think I’ll be buying this product in full as I intended to the first week and a half. I hate when my skin gets sensitive really easily to products that I really like at first. I highly recommend this product to people whose skin isn’t that sensitive though! It truly is a great product and works really well. When all was going well with the product on my face it was really good. But sadly it didn’t last the full 14 days and my search for the perfect moisturizer continues on.

Final Rate:  4/5

Have you guys tried this product yet? If so comment down below, if not are you willing to try it? Also if you have any skin care recommendations for sensitive skin, please leave them down below.