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Hey everyone, yes! * claps* I’m sorry if you get that, you’re my new best friend. I didn’t really know what was going on when I got this nomination from Hello Miss Marie.

But I’m really excited to be nominated to participate in this, and you guys should really check out Hello Miss Marie, and everyone nominated! The mystery blogger award was originally created by Okoto Enigma. I really like the idea behind this and I can’t wait to get more into this and go through others that have been nominated before me and after me.

Now to get started here’s how it works:

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Now I don’t know if there was a specific logo I needed to put but so far I’ve seen all kinds of different ones and I didn’t want to take anyones original logo that they made for this so I decided to create my own.

3 Things About Me 

Now I originally did something like this on my birthday in my notebook but it was about things I learned about myself and life, before deciding to create a blog and share it with the world. So as a little get to know me, you can find that here.

But I don’t think I’ve ever set aside a post where I just talked about personal things about me. So here it goes

  1. I have the most amazingly supportive family anyone could ever imagine that’s made up of my mom,my grandpa, my grandma, and my older sister. My older sister is honestly my best friend and we do everything together ( you’ll most likely see her throughout my blog in pictures and on my instagram)
  2. I spend pretty much more than half my time going to the hockey rink. I love to watch it and take pictures ( I’ll share some of them soon as I travel to go to some away games as well)
  3. My favorite place in the whole world is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s all over my instagram when I visited there, and I even wrote a few posts on my blog that included the pictures I took while I was there.


Hello Miss Marie’s Questions

1. What do you do besides blogging?Job/Student

I currently am looking for a new job, and just quit school( I was going to become an esthetician) because I didn’t feel like I was in the right place and my teacher was just very mean and I just wasn’t able to deal with it anymore. I’m looking to focus more on writing and plan on taking creative writing classes very soon.

2. What blog post are you most proud of and why?

It’s a bit of a shock as when I got more personal on my blog about things that I went through and learned not a lot of people cared for it but when I talked about a failed friendship turned relationship in this post called ‘ The Other Side Of Friendship ‘ that was the one I was most proud of because I never really liked to talk about the situation since it happened. It was also the moment I had a big realization on who I was and who was a true friend of mine. As I struggled with not wanting to ever loose a friend so I just did whatever they wanted me to do and made sure to try and not get on their bad side in hopes they’d stay my friend. I learned that it’s not up to me to make sure I’m keeping everyone in my life happy, cause I’d find myself being unhappy that I went against who I was and what makes me happy just because I wanted them to be okay. I have another post coming out soon about another personal aspect of my life. Which I’m so excited for because in light of today’s events I feel it’s important to share my experiences.

3. What is your biggest dream?

Oh gosh, I have so many dreams that I feel like are out there. But one thing that has never changed is that I have always dreamed of publishing a book. I’m not sure if I want to do a poem styled book or a horror story. I’m leaning more towards horror but I feel like once I’m able to word things into a poem I’d like to do something with that as well.

4. What is your favorite book or movie?

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, hands down is my favorite book.

5. Where/When do you like to work on your blog?

I love to work on my blog in my bedroom, more than half the time with my dog by me. I don’t really have a when, I just do it whenever I feel an urge to write ( which is a lot).. I make sure to post every Tuesday and Thursday on here! But just because people only see 2 posts a week, it doesn’t mean I don’t have things I write about in my notebook, in hopes of sharing them on my blog soon.

6. ( bonus question) What is the most embarrassing moment you are willing to admit to?

I have a lot of embarrassing moments, that I can create a whole book about. But I’d have to say the moment my sister called me ‘ red,white,and blue.’  I know what everyone is thinking, “how is that embarrassing?” Well I’ll tell you the story. It ironically had to be the 4th of July when I got my first period. I wore blue underwear and white shorts ( no you couldn’t see through them) and you can guess what the red was. I was just sitting with all of my friends when I stood up and my sister decided to announce out loud to everyone at the party that I had gotten my period for the first time and she kept joking around chanting,’ red,white,and blue!’ I was horrified.

I shared I believe 2 posts that I love, and I’m not going to force anyone to read. But I would like to thank Hello Miss Marie once again for the nomination and now onto the people that I nominated.

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My questions for you guys are.

1. Do you feel the need to follow blog trends? If so, how do you keep up with them?
2. How do you stay motivated to write your posts?
3. What do you feel is the hardest thing about blogging?
4. What are your top 3 favorite beauty products?
5. What is your favorite book turned movie?

Bonus Silly Question:

6. If you would like to share, what is the funniest thing to happen to you in public?

The Other Side Of Friendship

It’s very rare that you hear about failed friendships turned relationships, at least for me it is. I don’t want to make this long for the sake of you guys reading this and for myself. I haven’t given this person much thought ever since all of this went down.

So a little bit of a background feel to what I’m about to tell you guys, I have known this guy since before kindergarten and we were really close best friends up until 7th grade when we went to different schools.  We tried to keep in touch with each other but it didn’t turn out that well so we just stopped talking all together. But i’d be lying if I said I never thought about reaching out to him throughout those times as sometimes people would bring up past times. We ended up running into each other when we were in 10th grade and talked here and there. We didn’t start hanging out again until about a year in a half later. Everything was going good until we both graduated. All of our friends were telling us how we should date, and we both ignored it for a few months. I was talking to someone else but it wasn’t really in a dating kind of way and didn’t really get anywhere anyway and I was having a conversation with my friend and we were like we should give this thing a chance. That’s where everything started happening.

The relationship didn’t last long at all because he like completely disappeared during most of it and just blamed it on being busy, but I later learned that he wasn’t busy doing what he said he was doing but busy trying to get with another girl. A girl who was 15 years old, when he was 19 at the time. He would rather talk to her and hang out with her than me, his girlfriend at the time. I accepted that and moved on but I didn’t want to lose my best friend. We always promised each other that everything would be okay and we’d still be friends no matter what. A little cliche I know.

But I ended up getting really sick towards the end of August of 2015, and we couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong so I was in and out of the hospital getting tests done which was lovely. This was literally going on for a good month in a half, I really just wanted someone to be there and be my friend during this time. And I thought I could rely on him, and I know now that it wasn’t ever going to be him. I would keep trying to reach out to him and tell him how I needed a friend but each time he was never there. But the second he needed a friend, I wouldn’t hesitate but to listen to him and do everything I physically can to make sure he was okay.

October 9th, 2015 I went in for surgery. I had to get my gallbladder removed,  I had to stay over night which is normal but was allowed visitors.  It was a little weird and I didn’t really want to be there overnight. My sister made effort to tell him that she would pick him up and everything, he just never said anything and didn’t show up. He never said another word to me about it either. I got home the next day and he texted me whining over some girl and I took matters into my own hands and told him I was done. I didn’t need someone who thought friendships were a one way street. Someone who closed so many doors in my face, and made sure I was still going to hold open the next one for him.

It’s been 2 years since we last talked and I couldn’t have felt better about it honestly. I now know what should be present in friendships and relationships. I wasn’t perfect and was still learning how to be myself. I had a lot of time to think in the silence he presented to me when I was going through what was the toughest moments of my life so far. He wasn’t someone I needed in my life anymore. I deleted his number and off of all social media.Still to this day his friends who are also mine say that he wants/wanted to apologize to me but he’s never made any effort to do so. I would have listened and we probably could have worked on things but after a year passed I learned something. The biggest take away from this whole thing. When people told me when I was younger that actions do speak louder than words. I don’t need anyone who didn’t care about me, and only cared if I was going to be there for him. Even through all of this I couldn’t help but feel guilty about this but each and every time I couldn’t find a reason as to why I should feel that way. Maybe others have that reason for me and possibly him too, and that’s perfectly okay. But until I get presented solid reasoning and in a perfect world we can be friends again, but for now I won’t be holding my breath.

Well there you have it guys, I know it isn’t much and I probably left a lot of things out but I didn’t want to make this that long. Because I’m sure it’s boring but I just wanted to sort of close out certain chapters about why certain poems in ‘ Milk and Honey’ spoke to me in many ways. Thank you guys so much for reading if you made it this far! If you have any questions or want to continue the discussion, comment down below.

Interview With An Educator

This post is going to be different from every other post I’ve done. But it is something that I hope to do more of. I’m going to interview someone who has had an impact on my life at one point or another. To get this thing started I’m going to do a quick little This or That questions feel free to play along down in the comment below.

Handwritten or  Emails

Sarah Dessen  or  John Green

Jeans or Leggings

Mystery  or Romance

Movies or Books

 Country Life or City Life  – AL: Ugh… too hard to answer

  1. K: State your name and what it is that you do?

AL: My name is Alissa Lukasavage. I am an educator.  I have taught library skills to younger students and English to older students.  I used to be a librarian for a public library so I am a huge proponent of public libraries and all the things they do for surrounding communities. I have also been a pizza maker, an ice cream scooper,  a shoesalesman, and a reporter.

    2. K: What schooling did you go through to get the job? 

AL: I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Bloomsburg University. I also have a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I also have a teaching certificate from the Pennsylvania Department Of Education. I am certified to teach library skills to students in kindergarten to twelfth grade in Pennsylvania.

3. K: Did you find the process of getting a job as a librarian easy or hard?

AL: I found it pretty easy to get a job in a public library. You don’t have to have any special schooling to work in a public library, but that being said there is a degree you can get to become a librarian. It’s called a Master’s in Library Science. It’s typically a two- year degree, and a prospective candidate needs to have a four year bachelor’s degree in something. People who have a Master’s in library Science get paid more when they get a job in a public library. There are actual federal and state laws about how many people who work in the library have Master’s degrees in library Science. So if someone wants to become a librarian, it can take up to six years of school.

4. K: When I met you which I believe was a little over 3 or 4 years ago you took over the young adult area in the library, do you miss it at all?

AL: I really do miss working at the Osterhout Free Library. It was one of my favorite jobs, and I have had quite a few! I loved working and connecting with teenagers in the area. I especially loved recommending books to them and purchasing books for them.  It was also great to help them work together and see them achieve so much.

5. K: Did you always want to work around books? If not, what did you want to do?

AL: Wow. This is such an interesting question. I have always loved books and loved reading. When I was in college I worked at this bookstore called Wardenbooks and I really loved that job. I loved going into the store and being surrounded by books. When I was quite young, I actually wanted to write books. I still hope to be able to do that someday. But unfortunately, since I have grown up, I have to worry about paying the bills and taking time off to write a book will not pay bills. I actually have book ideas that bounce around in my head all the time. I think I am a decent storyteller. Maybe someday, I will write a book.

6. K: I recently got told about about there being an online library where you can get the app on your phone and as long as you have a New York library card or live in New York you can access the public library on your phone. Now I know technology is taking over pretty much everything. Is this something you think all states should have? ( I personally thought this was great and would like to know if any other places has this as well)

AL: Actually,  The Free Library of Philadelphia has this in Pennsylvania. It’s so awesome. You can access all of their online books and they literally disappear from you electronic device when they are due so there are no late fees. The Osterhout has ebooks for their patrons to have access to. It’s such a great thing to be able to have at your fingertips. But there is something about a physical book for me that I absolutely love reading. I seem to be able to focus better on them and get more out of them. I do read books on my Kindle but I prefer to have a physical book. As ebooks get more popular I do think that publisher’s will do smaller runs of print books. But I do not think that print books will ever disappear. At least not in our lifetimes.  But I could very well be wrong.

7. K: After every teen library council meeting you would ask us for book recommendations, how important is it to know what everyone is reading now and why? 

AL: I think reading is so important because I truly believe that it makes empathetic people. Caring about the way others feel and being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is so important. I think that when you have empathetic people in society, it helps reduce the amount of people who become marginalized in our society. So I think reading is one of the most important skills that people can have and that reading for fun is the best hobby people can have. It can literally lead to a better world for everyone. I like asking my teenagers for book recommendations because they always knew what the up and coming things were.

8. K: Last year our area got hit with devastating news that they were going to cut library services as well as a few other programs that would help shape a lot of futures, how much more important did it come for you to reach out to the children in our area that reading as well as writing was still a very valuable thing? 

AL: The cuts that happened in our school districts were devastating. It really did become even more important to me to continue being a proponent of libraries, and to encourage reading and writing. After my position got eliminated, I ended up teaching English last year to eighth, ninth, and tenth graders. I taught literature to eighth and ninth graders and a research class to tenth graders. Last school year, I was constantly checking out books from the library for students. I had one student that read almost the whole Harry Potter series. Despite my role in the district changing, I still encouraged students to read for fun and even helped them get their hands on books.

9. K: Do you think people are reading enough? 

AL: No, not even close. I don’t think I read enough! There are so many different things to read, and so many other things competing for people’s attention. I also think the more people get out of the habit of reading books,it’s harder to focus on long pieces of writing. So I think everyone should make it a goal for themselves to read more, books specifically.

10. K: Favorite book to movie? 

AL: Ohhh, so hard to pick just one. But probably The Notebook. I just love that movie. But I am REALLY excited for The Glass Castle which comes out in a few days ( since this interview happened, it is already out) and for Wonder coming out this fall. They were both awesome books and I think they are going to be great movies too.

11. K: Favorite underrated book? 

AL: There’s some really old books that I loved when I was growing up. They are all underrated. Some of them are:

Mama, Let’s Dance by Patricia Hermes.

Wonder by Rachel Vail 

The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae Wood

Silver by Norma Fox Mazer 

The Pinballs by Betsy Byers

12. K: Favorite overrated book?

AL: I thought Everything,Everything was a little overrated. It was good, not great.

13. K: What is your opinion on 13 Reasons Why?

AL: This is such a tough question to answer!  I read the book and watched the show. I am certainly not an expert in mental health so I don’t think my opinion holds very much weight. But I personally thought the show was good and I think that the show proves that teens need more entertainment that is real and centers around teenagers that deal with real problems.

14. K: Do you like when books take on controversial topics and should more authors do it? 

AL: Yes, I wish more authors chose to take on more controversial topics.  I think this goes back to empathy. The more people read about different kinds of people, the more they can relate to them. I hope more authors will tackle subjects for their readers. 

15. K: Most powerful thing you have ever taken from a book?

AL: I love the book ” The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It’s a book that almost defies genre. It’s like part fiction, part self-help, part power of positive thinking, part personal development. It is so good. There are so many lessons that can be taken from it. But to me, the main message was, be what you are supposed to be.Stop shying away from what you are supposed to be because the world tells you something else.

16. K: What is the name of the book you are currently reading?

AL: I am currently reading ” On Writing” by Stephen King. It’s a book about the writing process and about his life. I also picked up another memoir at the library this week, ” The Sound Of Gravel” by Ruth Warrier. I heard it was pretty good I am excited to read it.

17. K: Favorite beauty product?

AL: Hmm, I am not really into beauty products too much. So I guess I have to say my Rodan and fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. I bought it from a friend who sells it online. It was EXPENSIVE serum from the same company and it feels like I got a facial, well not that I have ever actually had one! But it’s a great product.

18. K: In your very cute wedding photos you had on converses was it more for comfort or just something you guys just both liked?

AL: It was a little of both. My husband and I actually met at a shoe store and we both loved shoes and we both had a lot of them. We were constantly getting clearance shoes so we always had a lot. Converses were shoes we both really liked. We decided we wanted to wear them to the reception. My mother made me wear different shoes during the actual wedding but if I had my way, I would have worn them for the wedding and reception. They were a big hit. Our guests really loved seeing us in them!

19. K: I thought it was a pretty cool touch cause I am not good at walking in heels, did you face any backlash for not wearing the traditional heel? 

AL: Yes!!! Mostly, my mom hahaha. But she finally got on board and was pretty cool about it. I have a friend that got married a few months after me and wore the most gorgeous purple heels at her wedding. I was a little jealous of those but I knew I would have NEVER been able to walk in them. I am also terrible at walking in heels.

20. K: What are your favorite things to do? 

AL: I love to watch Netflix I especially like watching episodes of The Office. I also love hanging out with my husband and my dogs. I also love to read and to crochet. I love to spend time with my family too! Ii also have a pretty fun group of friends that I love spending time with too. I have spent so much time with them, they feel like family.

21. K: Who gave you the best advice,that isn’t famous?

AL: My dad gives great advice. He doesn’t talk much, but when he says something, it has value. He has given me lots of little advice gems throughout the years. But there is one I remember in particular. I was having a rough day, and he drove me from Williamsport to Bloomsburg to get something I left at school and he just told me that tomorrow would be better. He’s definitely a ” look at the brightside” kind of guy. Mostly he gives good advice by his actions. He shows up in life everyday.

22. K: Why do you think that people need to express themselves more verbally today than a few years ago?

AL: I think with the rise of technology that more and more people are relying on the written word like text messages to communicate. But it’s so important to be able to have a real conversation with someone and look them in the eye. People are way to addicted to their phones these days. I know I am. Sometimes, my husband and I plan tech free nights where we will watch a movie and put our phones and laptops away.

23. K: I feel like everyone has a different answer to this, or is always wondering why you are saying no to having kids right now, why is that? I for one am leaning towards the latter on this one for a few different reasons.

AL: This is a tricky one. When I was growing up I didn’t know too many couples that didn’t have kids. So I sort of grew up thinking first you fall in love, then you get married, and then you have kids. It wasn’t until I was in college that I really kind of put all the facts together and pretty much realized that you get to choose! So after college, I decided that kids may not be for me. It is a weird decision in many people’s eyes. I think parenting is such a big important job and that if you are not on board with doing it 100%  that you probably shouldn’t have a baby. I am also not every comfortable around babies. They make me very nervous. I am also pretty selfish with my time. That being said, sometimes I don’t like to tell people that I don’t want to have kids because infertility is something that plagues a lot of women today. I know that if I did want kids and was trying desperately to get pregnant and it wasn’t happening, that I would be irritated with anyone saying,” Oh, I just don’t want to have kids.” They are hilarious and have such a unique perspective on this world. I truly think they are a treasure.I also know that my husband is on board with the decision. If he said tomorrow, I really want to have a baby, I would seriously reconsider my stance on it. I think that it’s important to find a partner that agrees with you about this. I didn’t want him to marry me expecting that I would change my mind. About every six months or so, my husband and I “check in” and make sure we are still on the same page about kids. I know if either one of us changes our minds the other person will reconsider their stance. I think it’s been hardest for our mothers to deal with. My mother just doesn’t want me to miss out on anything. And I know my husband’s mother would be ecstatic if we changed our minds.

24: K: A few months ago you did this project, can you tell me what it is and why you decided to take part in it? 

AL: Project 333 is a project that can help people declutter their closets. I have been on a journey for the past year to declutter everything in my life. I found out about Project 333 by reading a blog written by Joshua Becker called Becoming Minimalist. On the blog, he encourages people to live well with less things. Project 333 was created by Courtney Carver who blogs at bemorewithless . The project encourages people to choose 33 articles of clothing, including shoes and accessories to wear for 3 months. It was such an experience to really see if I could could function with a “micro-wardrobe”. I had some unexpected realizations while completing the project. First, I was much less stressed about clothing because I didn’t have as many choices. Also, it really helped me see why I like the clothing that I like and it helped me weed through the clothing I didn’t choose for the project with a very close eye and determine if I should or shouldn’t keep it and why. Ii was clearly able to see why  I like certain types of clothes and why I don’t like others. It was such a cool experience, one that I think everyone should try.

25. K: Was it hard?

AL: It was not as hard as I thought it would be. I very carefully choose my 33 pieces. I think I choose too many dresses ( I picked 4) and that was just a lesson learned. Next time, I would not choose as many dresses. The other thing that made the project easier for me was I did not count shoes or accessories I don’t have too many of those so I just didn’t count them. I think it would would have been A LOT harder had I included those things.

26. K: Did you find yourself liking the 33 pieces of clothing even after the 3 months was up? Or did you get tired of seeing the same 33 pieces? 

AL: I actually didn’t get tired of the 33 pieces at all. They were my FAVORITE clothes. I even paired up something that I wouldn’t normally have paired. I have this dress that has dinosaurs on it and one of my favorite outfits was to wear a sweater over the dress. I turned dinosaur dress into dinosaur skirt. My husband did not like that outfit hahaha. But I would have never even thought to try mixing that without Project 333.


Well there you have it guys my interview with Alissa. I have been so excited to share this with you guys for over 2 weeks now. I learned a lot more things about her that I didn’t know before this, and I hope you guys enjoyed learning about her. If you guys want to see more of these types of posts, please let me know. I would love to do it again with different people. But if you have a question for Alissa regarding anything, please don’t hesitate to comment it down below and if I get enough questions I’ll do a part 2, if not I will just write her response in the comment section. Thank you for reading and please remember to follow my blog for more.

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xx, Katilyn


When You Need A Little Inspiration.

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a little while now but I never knew how to put it into words. I still don’t but maybe that’s a good thing about this post. I always like to look for a little inspiration whenever I go on social media but it always depends what kind of mood I am in. So I gathered a bunch of them for all different types of moods and I hope you guys find inspiration or something else out of all of these.

For when you need help figuring out life


I feel like this helps you figure out a bunch of questions you may be needing to find an answer to. It just lays it all out there and makes you think which is something that I love.

For when you are feeling down 


I feel like a lot of people let whatever is getting them down take over and they sulk about it. And while somethings/ someone may take longer to get over it, you should never let it outshine who you are. We all have things to be upset over but it’s all about how we handle it when it comes down to it.

For when you are going through a break up 


And when you don’t feel like you have found that place, it wasn’t worth it to begin with.

For when you are angry at someone 


No matter how mad that person makes you, don’t ever treat them wrong. You don’t know what someone is going through in order for them to act that way.It’s very likely they need a friend right now more than anything.

For when you are upset with yourself


I feel like you need to remind yourself a lot of the good things you have in front of you because some people may not have that.

I just have one more to share with you guys that fits in a lot of different categories, I feel like it is perfect and needs to be shared with everyone.



I hope you find some inspiration from something or if you have some quotes to share please do so in the comments. I will be be posting again on Friday so if you want to be notified when I do please follow my blog. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

Katilyn In The Middle

My first post on an actual blog that I’m going to share with anyone who stumbles across it. I first tried out my writing on a different blog site but everything on that site was just confusing and I needed something easier to start myself out with and get use to. I want to start out by saying that I absolutely love to read and write,so for years I’ve wanted to find a place where I can start that and find enough confidence to do so. I hope you guys enjoy this blog and my journey that I share as much as I’ll enjoy writing every moment of it.